Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Funnies

The Sunday funnies...I remember waiting (not so calmly) for the funnies section of the Sunday paper when I was a child. Peanuts, Family Circle and BC were some of my favorites. Now with comics found online there is no waiting for someone else to finish the paper before you can get a belly laugh.

Zazzle designers have a sense of humor too. And you can find some very talented jokesters who've taken their wit and added it to shirts, mugs and other quality products. Below you'll find some fun finds found on Zazzle. By using the keyword search function you'll find just about anything is there.

Here is a small selection of some humorous images and sayings from various shops. Looking for more funny merch from Zazzle check out their Funny Gifts Marketplace.

Ignorance is Bliss Coffee Mug
50th birthday card
Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science T-Shirt
The Mouse Gets it Mouse Pad
Even Jesus had a Fish Story Trucker Hat

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