Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little girls are fun to dress up

I've been cleaning out my daughters clothes she has outgrown this week and have discovered there are items which brings back memories. What is it for Moms to become attached to our children's clothing? Are they a reminder of when are little girls were brave and were less self conscious of how they looked? Is it the size of the item that triggers the "awww" response? I remember having favorite shirts when I was a girl and when I grew out of them they lingered until they disappeared from my bureau. I always felt a little sad when that happened.

One lovely idea to keep those shirts or other clothing items alive is sewing a rag doll or a cloth throw to leave on her bed to get cozy. Snippets of these favorite clothing items in a collage in some fashion whether it's a picture frame or wall hanging keeps those memories alive. Be creative and have fun with it.

For fun I've found some "favorite" shirts where I sell products on I chose this topic because as I sit here my 13 year old daughter is away at her first overnight summer camp. I miss her and she very much misses her home too. So I've been thinking a lot of those clothes and how special my not so little girl is.

Cool Kitty Kids Toddler T-shirt
Personalized Blue Butterfly T-Shirt
Birthday Girl Is A Star Baby Bodysuit
Ice Cream Kids Shirt

There are a lot more designs and shirts to choose from in the Zazzle Girls Clothing Marketplace.

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