Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to school bags

 For some students school is looming around the corner. My favorite memory of going back was not the homework of course, but the buying of clothes, school supplies and bags. It was a fresh start and one I always looked forward to. The two kids in my household get excited for the same reasons. Last year new tote bags saved the day all year long.

My daughter was overwhelmed with the number of books plus a computer she had to carry during her 7th grade school day. I purchased a tote bag with no enclosures to help with easy accessibility to her notebooks & textbooks for her daily routine. The bag was a life saver minimizing stress for her and increasing the enjoyment of school. For less than $15 I made a difference.

At Zazzle there are 7 different styles of bags in various color combinations to choose from. From grocery style bags to organic totes there is something for everyone. For this post however, we'll focus on school totes. Tote bags start at $9.95 and are made of 100% cotton canvas. They're handles are also available in five different colors. Join Zazzle Black free shipping program and you will be saving so much money it will be worth buying more than two bags.

Kawaii Kids Back to School Supplies Tote Bag

Ravenclaw Crest 2 Tote Bag
Crayons Art for Children Tote Bag
Graffiti Doodle Characters Library Book Bag
Custom Name Kids School Backpack (pig)

There are so many more styles and designs to see. Visit the Back To School Bags Marketplace.

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