Monday, August 15, 2011

Boy Birthday Invitations

If you're anything like me I have to plan way in advance for celebrations. There are so many pieces to planning a good party. You have to actually make a list to have a great outcome, otherwise you'll surely forget something. One item off my party list early is the guest list. I always add guests' names closer to the event as well so when I order my invitations I make sure to get at the very least 5 extras.

I'm dedicating this post to the boys. Boy's birthday parties are loud, full of activity and never dull. Mom's or caregivers need super powers to keep up with those guys. Sometimes we need help and I would suggest that you put that on your party list to accomplish early. The little guys aren't so rambunctious but that 5 to 15 years look out. It's all fun though and one event the guys will remember.

So let's talk invitations. There are so many found on but I've chosen the well designed boys birthday invitations to show you. If you wish to browse the hundreds more available,  just visit Zazzle's Boy Invitations Marketplace. All theses below have customizable text for your to personalize.
Bowling Party Card
CUTE Little Monster Bash Birthday Party Card
Dinosaur Birthday Invitation
Superhero Hero Up Invitation

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