Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee Mugs For Nana

Ah, the Nana. The women who gives you candy before dinner, buys you what you want for your birthday and the lady with the best hugs when you need them. Nana's give wise advice before you ask. She'll take you to lunch or cooks your favorite foods for dinner. And the stories she has to tell. She remembers your parent's childhood better than they do and not afraid to tell the stories of their lives. Because after all, there are lessons in stories.

I've found a few wonderful coffee mugs for Nana just to show her you care. She'll automatically think of you while she drinks her hot tea or coffee. These durable and ink fast cups make wonderful conversation starters with her friends. These coffee mugs for Nana comes in many different styles and two sizes.

Below are just a few of the many coffee mugs for Nana in the Zazzle Marketplace.

My Nana Rocks Coffee Mug
NANAS are Special Coffee Mug
When God Created Nanas Two-Tone Coffee Mug
Beautiful and Young Nana Mug
Nana - bright flowers for her coffee mug

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