Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Thinking About Babies Today

I have no idea why these charming little cuties are on my mind but I'm thinking about babies. Those fleshy little people who smell nice (most of the time), with their skin so soft to the touch always brightens my day. Most women and men get all gushy when there is a baby in the room. We have this need to be close to them as if they are little Gods or Goddesses who draw us in to worship their innocence and helplessness. We sometimes make stupid faces or silly sounds to get their attention. I can't imagine they have any idea what's going on but wouldn't it be interesting to know what they're thinking?

I remember my baby shower for my twins so long ago. It was a good old fashioned surprise party at a girlfriends house. I couldn't believe the gifts friends and family provided for us. It was such a pleasant experience from the start. After the party my mother presented me with the baby shower invitation in a frame. I later hung it beside the baby announcements we also hung in the nursery. I've collected a few baby shower invitations I've found on Most likely there is some kind of sale happening right now for anyone purchasing any invitation from Zazzle. Just check out our Zazzle Coupon page anytime. Want to see more? Just visit the Baby Shower Marketplace.
Adorable Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations #130
Elephant Baby | Baby Shower Invitation
BaByQ Couples Baby Shower Girl Invitation
Rustic Adorned with Floral | Baby Shower Invite
Royal Blue Gold Drapes Prince Baby Shower Ethnic Card

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