Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Themed Return Address Labels

If you listen to the media one would think the US Postal Service is not keeping busy these days. From Septembers financial scare the public probably assumes no one sends "snail mail" any longer. But this is not true and our local post office is still as busy as ever. Not all American's pay their bills on line. There are those who find it handier to go down town to the post office to mail their eBay packages, letters to troops overseas or to buy books of pretty stamps for their holiday cards.

For those who enjoy the whole mailing process and also enjoy splashing some color on their packages or letters, I have found the prettiest Autumn themed return address labels. These labels are easy to personalize with your own address or to alter for other purposes too. No doubt you can find a coupon code on our Zazzle Coupon page so you can save some money on your order. If you would like to see a larger selection just visit Zazzle's Autumn themed labels page. You'll find return address as well as decorative labels for packages and presents too. Here is a small selection for your to enjoy.

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