Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanksgiving Day of Gratitude

There are few holidays we seek out gratitude in the company of those we hold dear. Veterans, Memorial, Fourth of July and Christmas day to name the big ones. These holidays share one thing in common with Let's face it most people associate the holidays with preparing and eating food. For most, the more company the better. There is no reason to be alone on any of these holidays and if you have a large table and love to entertain why not invite those folks to the table you may or may not know.

I can't tell you how many university students my husband taught have sat with our family. I have even had my single mailman, coworkers and family members love interests sitting at our table. Thanksgiving is about gathering together to enjoy your good fortunes and to put aside life's hardships just for the day to be thankful you're here.

With our modern lives so full of electronic distraction, work stresses and crazy political and social climates why not gather those who may be less fortunate than you, lonely folks, good people without a jobs or senior citizens from your community to your table. We all are richer knowing our neighbors for good or bad.

Who can refuse you with a welcoming invitation the old fashioned way. To receive an invitation will remind those you're inviting to be at your home at a certain time. There are hundreds of invitations to be browsed here. And you certainly may find ways to save money on your order on our coupon's page. Here are a few to admire now.
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