Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

The long cold nights of winter are here and many of us who live in the Northern hemisphere are slipping into our hibernation state of mind. Quiet evenings spent indoors for many Americans become a routine of turning the television on after dinner and disconnecting from everyone in the house. The escapism of TV also perpetuates escaping from the kids, your spouse or other family members. I am no expert but I don't think this is such a healthy habit we have. If you want to disconnect why not read a book or work on a hobby like woodworking, knitting or model ship building.

We need something to calm us after a long hard day at work and school but still be able to interact with the family. If we could keep our brains engaged by using it in a different sort of way and be able to participate with the family, I believe we will receive a more beneficial outcome than the "boob tube" could give us.

One activity that is overlooked is the simple jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle is not only a one person activity but also can create entertainment for several people. Age really has no factor with puzzles and conversations of one's day or family matters can be discussed while working. There is an addictive yet harmless factor to jigsaw puzzles too. It is hard to walk away from an unfinished project and when they are complete there is satisfaction that comes afterwards. They add color to any room. They have a magnetic draw you'll see as visiting friends may slip a piece in or two when they see a puzzle at hand.

Here are a few puzzles to get you thinking about which one you'll get hooked on. The puzzles below are available in two sizes 8 x 14 (252 pieces) or 8 x 10 (110 pieces) which comes with a decorative tin box. They vary in prices but not in quality. All puzzles are made of sturdy cardboard stock and mounted on chipboard to last a long time. Below are a few challenging puzzles for you and the family. Check out Zazzle's puzzles HERE.

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