Monday, November 14, 2011

Great Artists Through The Mail

Whether it's their words left behind or their life's work to recreate life to share, artists and their art is what makes humans different from other animals. Through out time man has sought to copy life, nature, emotion and our way of looking at other things perhaps to remain connected to this place in the Universe. I'm sure it is all relevant to our ideals of what the higher power sees, creates or expects us to be.

I'm always happy to receive a letter in the mail. It's a wonderful feeling to know someone was thinking of me. I've found some lovely cards with artist's quotes or famous pieces of art on them. They are available in two sizes; greetings and note card sizes. If you purchase 10 or more there is a discount and occasionally there is a coupon code for your order found on our Zazzle Coupons page.

Send some art today and make someone else smile.

In Rivers cardSistine Chapel Ceiling cardDanse, Alphonse Mucha card
THE NEEDLE WOMAN: OLD MASTERS: CARD cardGreetingcard With Martin Johnson Heade Painting cardtoyokuni's cappuccino card
PixDezines The Innocence, Holiday Greeting Cards cardDutch Modern Art Card cardHark! The Lark! card
Paul Klee - Senecio cardSeveral Circles cardBieres de la Meuse card

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