Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ho Ho Holy Coca-Cola Christmas Cards

When you here the word vintage what do you think of? If you're an American you think of old Chevy trucks, chrome and red Coca-Cola machines with bottles in them and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas on a crackly LP (that's short for "long play" vinyl record). I also think of the iconic Santa Claus image Coca-Cola placed in every American's mind way back in 1931. Don't believe me? Here is the history of jolly old St. Nick found on the history page of Coca-Cola.

In this blog post I try to find that vintage Santa available on cards for the Christmas holiday season coming soon near you. Nice to know you probably can purchase them with a discount code found on our Zazzle Coupons page. It's not to early to think of the cards. Before you'll know it you'll have only days to put them in the mail. Many of these cards you can personalize inside with your family name or greetings as well as choose from two different sizes. So have fun with Santa and get a jump on the rush.

KRW Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Card cardVintage Christmas Santa Card cardKRW Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Card card
Vintage Christmas Card - Santa, Stockings cardVintage Christmas Card - Santa on Candy Cane Skis cardVintage Santa Claus With Candle card
Vintage Santa Flying Bi Plane Christmas Card cardVintage Santa cardVintage Santa Claus card
Vintage Santa on top of the WORLD ! cardVintage Santa Claus Making Toys Christmas Greeting cardVintage Santa Claus & Children Christmas Greeting card
Vintage Santa And Sleigh Card cardVintage Santa And Trumpet Card cardVintage Santa In Workshop card

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