Monday, December 5, 2011

Spend Less On Your Holiday Greetings

If you're like me you actually enjoy sending out Christmas holiday cards this time of year. Although there is rarely a person I know who doesn't get a greetings from my family I find it harder to decide to keep the tradition alive each year due to postage. With the price of a first class stamp these days being 44 cents you can cut that cost down considerably by purchasing 29 cent postcard stamps instead. Not only would you be cutting costs with stamps but with the price of postcards being lower than greeting cards, you'd save a bundle.

I've found there are Christmas and non-denominational holiday postcards that are just as lovely, funny and eclectic for different tastes as there are with greeting cards. Many have customizable text as well as a place to add a family picture too. So personalization is easy and fun. I'm collecting a few here but you'll find many more here. Don't forget to check out our Zazzle Coupons page to save money on your order and they'll be shipped to you within 24 hours. That's really fast! Now I'm going shopping.
Shepherd Over Bethlehem postcardThe Star Tree postcardChristmas Prayer postcard
Candle Light - Customizable postcardHappy Holidays postcardBells postcard
Seasons Greetings postcardHoliday Photo Postcard postcardHoliday Photo Postcard postcard
Noel Personalized Christmas Postcard postcardChristmas Chickadees by Vera Trembach postcardChristmas Greetings postcard

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