Monday, January 2, 2012

Flowers In December

Right around this time of year I start receiving various gardening companies fliers and catalogs. Like Christmas advertisements they seem to come earlier and earlier each year. But unlike the holidays I start to look forward to these snippets of promises of warm weather, digging in the dirt and watching something grow in my garden.

Some of my favorite seed and plant companies are Burpees and the Gardener's Supply Company. Combing through their catalogs on a winter's night always makes me happy. Burpee always has the strangest new fangled vegetables and sometimes their exotic flowers just blow me away.

The Gardener's Supply Co. has every imaginable tool or shed device known to gardeners. Whether you're starting a garden inside in February or just need to buy something to keep the moles out of the garden they have it all.

One activity I like to do is send cards through the mail with beautiful flowers on them. Whether they are thank you cards that need sending or just a quick shout out to friends and family. Everyone loves mail and something bright and cheery during the cold months gives people hope that Spring will come.

Here is a wonderful selection of flower themed cards to choose from. Many have customizable text and come in a note card size or larger greeting card size. To see the full extent of this collection visit Lasgalen Arts Cards page. There are over 40 cards to choose from. Here are a few to get inspired.

Stargazer by day cardFoxglove cardPretty Purple Columbine card
Silent bells - Thank you cardAfrican Violets - Thank You cardCrab Apple Blossoms Thank You card
Pink Lady Slipper cardGeranium Miss You cardFoxglove 2 card
Hibiscus - Acadian Spring cardBlood Red Mums Thank You Customize cardPerky Sunflower Thank You card

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