Monday, February 25, 2013

Kawaii Badges For Everyone

I have found the most adorable kawaii badges for everyone. For those who don't know the Japanese word, kawaii's origins go back to the early 11th century by the author Lady Murasaki's book Tale of Genji. Although kawaii has taken many twists and turns the meaning has always remained the same. If something or someone is kawaii they are cute. "Cute "has been very popular since the 1970's. From handwriting, to clothing and also kawaii characters, cute is pervasive throughout Japan. Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Doraemon are all considered kawaii.

These pins were so kawaii I had to share them. Their cuteness knows no bounds. The button pins you see here are available in different sizes. The animals and other characters are the creations found in the following Zazzle stores.

Kawaii Popcorn Button
Cute Cupcake with Sprinkles Pinback Button
Cute Bacon with Egg Pinback Button
Kawaii Mushroom with Pipe Pinback Button

Button - Green tea - GreenBack
Button - Riceball Samurai - Ganbare Japan
Button - GO! Daruma Robot!!
Button - All Characters - RedCar

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