Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vintage Fairy Illustration Gifts For New Parents

We've found a beautiful vintage fairy illustration by the artist Warwick Goble. The beautiful illustrations shows a sleeping child in a wooden cradle. Around the baby are lovely faeries in shimmering flowing gowns and blue butterfly wings. The baby is swaddled in a floral blanket and its little head is on a white pillow. The new baby card is perfect to give to new parents on the arrival of their baby. The text you'll find is all custom by you. Inside the card is the sentiment "May your child be blessed by all things magical."
You'll also find this illustration on a beautiful poster for the baby's room, a wooden gift box to hold treasures and a baby's pacifier you add a name to. Lastly, we have an acrylic desert pick that can be used for a baby shower or after the baby comes home party.
These items came from The Evergreen Wood store on

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