Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen Aprons

Gobble, gobble the Thanksgiving turkey kitchen aprons are here to tickle your funny bone. Who wants a boring kitchen apron on the biggest eating fest day of the American year. Let us have some fun while we cook the feast known as Thanksgiving dinner. All of our kitchen aprons are made in the USA and guaranteed to tickle the funny bone.

This protesting turkey is no dummy. He's totally into being vegan during the holidays. Why not, if he can do it so can you. But wait, he has an agenda all together and he's taking his outrage to the streets.

This turkey is trying to get your mind off the food and into football. He is thinking he can divert your attention with the tv and keep you out of the kitchen. He is a cutie though with his football jersey and football. What is that we smell... turkey!

What a plucking day! This Thanksgiving turkey is totally not into the holiday. The sign he is carrying is also easy to personalize with your own message. A little play on words never hurt his cause.

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