Monday, October 19, 2015

Retro Hipster Kitchen Set

Remember the good old 1970's when your mom's kitchen included that lovely color combination of orange, olive green and cream? Oh baby check out this cool retro hipster kitchen set we just found.

This awesome retro pattern starts out with a nice flat orange and olive and blue ovals. In among the ovals are rounded diamonds of cream. This geometric design was inspired by kitchen wall paper designs of the 70's. But here you will see the pattern is applied to everyday kitchen items. We found a cool kitchen wall clock with easy to see black hands and round circles instead of numbers. Matching melamine plates, cloth napkins and place mats are paired with thirsty dish towels with the same design. Ceramic mugs, glass cutting boards, drink coasters and a wooden serving tray round out this nine piece retro hipster kitchen set.

To see all nine pieces from the Retro Hipster Kitchen Set click through to the collection below.


  1. It wasn't my mom, it was me who had a very brightly patterned kitchen in the 70s! I think it was a great decade and these kitchen products reflect that cheerful spirit! :)

  2. What goes around comes around! Love the vintage colors in this kitchen set collection.