Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Three Wildflowers Gift Ideas

Sometimes we need simple gift ideas. We have found three wildflower gift ideas to share today. The design on this ceramic coffee mug, personalized tote bag* and gardening apron* will brighten someone's day.

The design for all three wildflower gift ideas includes delicate blue lobelia, yellow monkey flower, and tiny purple violets in a loose bouquet. The vintage illustration works well on these gifts and anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of flowers will be delighted.

The ceramic mug is designed with the floral design on all three sides of the mug. No matter if the gift receiver is left or right handed they will see their flowers each time the mug is used. This mug show is a simple white ceramic mug. There are other choices of mugs to choose from. Whether the mug you choose is ceramic or a stainless steel travel mug they are all dishwasher safe.

*The apron and tote bag are no longer available.

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